RECEIVED THE BEST DESIGN AWARD FOR THE 2nd YEAR IN A ROW! Thanks to all who made it happen by enjoying our jewelry and letting us design your perfect piece.

"Classy and Perfect"

"Classy and Perfect"
Item# dh

Product Description

"Hello Mr. and Mrs. Isherwood, I recently went on a route 66 road trip with my sister. At the Nat (Natatorium), I came to the jewelry case and chose one of your pieces, a horseshoe necklace with a star inside the horseshoe. Perhaps a bit obviously Texan, but I love it to death and cannot find a flaw. My favorite part is that the chain is attached to each side of the horseshoe so that the "charm" cannot slide toward the clasp. Be encouraged that your jewelry isn't bought and ignored on dusty dressers and jewelry boxes! It's classy and perfect."

Sincerely, D